Hood to Coast for newbies: some primers

Week 2 of my training for Hood to Coast.  I was supposed to get a good night’s sleep so that I could hit the track first thing in the morning and stay on schedule despite the summer travel coming up tomorrow.  Instead, what do I do?  Spend hours researching the Hood to Coast legs online.  I have been given the privilege of selecting my leg (instead of picking one out of a hat at a white elephant party, then stealing someone else’s if I don’t like what I get). Meanwhile I have no frame of reference, having never done this — or any other — relay.  I needed to get the scoop.

The good news is that there are tons of really great Hood to Coast race recaps on many people’s blogs.  The bad news is that I stayed up until almost 3 a.m. and now cannot fathom getting my butt out there in the damp cold to run intervals around the track, given the 4 paltry hours of sleep.  Then again, that would actually be good training for H2C, since the word on the street is that you pretty much don’t sleep for more than a couple hours between your legs.

Among the most useful summaries of the H2C legs are these primers by Jason Effmann (part of his On the Road to Hood to Coast series) that deserve special recognition because they had me just about falling off my chair laughing despite only 4 hours of sleep.

Don’t miss this hilarious video at the bottom of the post:


Now, off to get me a cup of coffee.


3 thoughts on “Hood to Coast for newbies: some primers

  1. Being the closer of HTC was amazing. That last leg was really hard from the moment the elevation leveled out, but once you near the sea and hear the crowds and SEE the sand and the water, all the pain melts away. If I were allowed to pick any of the 12 runner positions, I would pick anchor leg again in a heartbeat. That long hill that the 11th runner has to tackle is sooooooooo long. 6th position is supposed to be really pretty…especially the last segment. What are you wanting from the experience?

    • I want to do good for the team. That’s my goal first and foremost. I am a sub and a newbie to H2C, which means I am a double unknown quantity. Everyone else knows each other and has been for years. I want to do my job, not screw up, and have fun. Part of not screwing up is not biting off more than I can chew, and that’s where the leg selection comes in. The anchor leg sounds like a lot of fun but it might draw a little more attention than I like. I’m inclined to leave that glamor spot to one of the team veterans. 🙂

  2. I ran Hood to Coast in 2006 but it was so long ago I barely remember much useful advice. I will say, I have done two relays (also Reach The Beach) and I have always been in the first van which I prefer. You get to start at the start which is exciting, and you can actually shower and eat before watching the last van roll in.

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