You know you’re a runner when…

…you never have to buy deodorant.  You run enough races and wind up with enough free samples in your goodie bags to last a whole year.  Women-oriented events in particular. There’s always good stuff in there beyond the usual energy gel and promotional postcards for some other running event.

In fact, you begin to memorize which races have the best goodie bags and expos and come to rely on the product lineup at those expos to refuel and recover.  You know which races offer chocolate milk, which have the Clif and Luna Bar buffet, the popchip samples, and the pancake breakfast. Yum. Racing = fun.


2 thoughts on “You know you’re a runner when…

  1. I’ve been thinking about swag bags lately and think it would be fun to do something silly…like a paper crown that says “marathon queen” for post race, or a super hero paper doll that you can put by your bed (night before) that states, “Go to sleep! Time to recharge your superpowers…” or maybe just some fun buttons…”26 point through…to the finish” Ahhh…it’s been a long week. Thanks for the blog Tita!

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