Gear review: Oiselle Running Tee

The gear: Oiselle Start Line Run Tee, size XS

The verdict: Best 50/50 t-shirt you’ll find

Out-of-the-box assessment: Soft and ready to wear from moment one. Close-fitting and feminine but not tight (especially if you size up).  Average length (bucks the current trend of t-shirts being on long side). The clean, colorful, modern, and witty graphics truly capture the essence of runners’ pride.

Test conditions: A 5-mile tempo run on a breezy low 50’s day. I hate feeling cold, so for insurance I pulled on my Oiselle Arm Warmers. I also had on knee-length capris.

Detailed results: I have to admit, I was skeptical. The first thing I learned from my run team coach 3 years ago regarding clothing was “cotton is rotten,” and that adage has been etched in my brain ever since. I have categorically forsworn “normal shirts” in favor of light and limber technical tops . When I acquired my first Run Tee (the 13.1), I had no intention of wearing it for running. To me, it was the perfect runner’s badge of honor, as well as an “aahhhhh” piece of clothing to slip into after getting the job done.  It’s incredibly soft and instantly warming.  But Oiselle markets it as a shirt for running, so I decided to give it a try.

The short sleeve Run Tee held up totally fine. Given the windy day, I appreciated that it kept my core warm. It also kept the sweat off my skin, didn’t chafe, and didn’t constrict me in any way. I will probably still save my Run Tees for street wear. My running tops don’t stay on my body past the duration of the run. Cozy t-shirts like these I like to keep on all day and enjoy. But for those who prefer the old school simplicity of heading out with just a t-shirt, shorts, and pair of sneaks, the Oiselle Running Tees are for you.

By the way, bonus points to Oiselle’s Run Tees for being the only 50/50 t-shirts I know that don’t pill! Wash after wash they have stayed soft and smooth.  (Eat your heart out, American Apparel.)


2 thoughts on “Gear review: Oiselle Running Tee

  1. I love my Oiselle tee. It is orange (my favorite color) and says Ru in a box. Underneath the box it says ‘running is elemental’, like the periodic table. It is super soft and cozy too. I only wear it for all day comfort… not to run in. 🙂

    • I know that design! Thumbs up! Hey, if you like orange, have you checked out (on Oiselle’s site) the new logo tee with the motto {go fast. take chances.} on the back? Also, Running Warehouse has a bunch of Oiselle tees on sale…in case you’re looking to add to your collection.

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