2011 year in review















2/6 Kaiser Half Marathon — worst racing experience ever, killed my spirit
3/20 Emerald Across the Bay 12K — the race that restored my spirit
3/27 Oakland Half Marathon — first forfeited race registration of the year, decided to chill in Truckee and spend the birthday with family
5/8 DSE Mother’s Day 5K — finished 2nd in my age group (OK, it was a small field), proud of my two boys who ran the 0.25 mile fun run
6/5 See Jane Run Half Marathon (PR) — first sub-2 finish!!!
6/25 Southport Freedom Run 5K (PR) — 2nd in my age group again, first time starting a race to the sound of a cannon, best race prize ever (see left), the only race of the year with my husband
8/20 Northstar Mountain Run — hardest race ever, all uphill for 10.2K from 6,330′ to 8610′ elevation
8/28 Giants Race Half Marathon — second forfeited registration of the year, didn’t feel ready
9/6 Donner Lake Run 6K – first time volunteering at a race, cheered on my husband and our friend
10/2 Bridge to Bridge 12K (PR) — best race performance ever
10/16 Nike Women’s Half Marathon — one hard-won hilly-ass sub-2 finish
12/4 California International Marathon — third forfeited registration of the year, blindsided by an injury 6 days before, recovered 6 days after

Brightest moment: finishing the 18-mile training run strong, despite a miserable 16-miler the week before
Darkest moment:  pretty much the entire Kaiser Half, but especially mile 8
Funnest race: Northstar Mountain Run (I’m determined to go back and get a respectable finish time next year)
Biggest surprise:  getting injured while on vacation
Biggest regret:  missing the deadline to register our team for Hood to Coast 2012
Biggest lesson:  don’t underestimate the value of strength training

run a marathon without bonking
run more trails
learn to swim properly


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