Here we go again

Week one of re-training for my second marathon has begun.  The Hanson plan has been adapted.  Pilates, spin, barre/TRX classes mapped out.  Mysterious injury gone.  I am back in the saddle.

But it’s winter. Every December I kick myself for setting racing goals during the winter. How quickly we forget what it is like to run when you can’t feel your fingers and toes, when your eyes water from the sheer cold.  We forget when we live in a place that doesn’t snow. We forget what fair-weather wimps we are.

The March 4 marathon might be a mistake.  I might have rushed into rescheduling my second marathon after conceding that the December 4 race was a goner (thanks to the mysterious, ill-timed, last-minute injury).  But mistakes are magic, reassures a sign in my son’s kindergarten classroom.  In erring, we learn.  I’m willing to see what I learn from having 12 additional weeks to train versus pushing through a germ field, holiday distractions, and crappy weather to do it.  Could be good, could be bad, time will tell.


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