I run for…


My grandfather (Khun Pu)


Shari’s Aunt Rita

Jay Levien

Laurie’s mom

Scott’s dad

Heather’s mom


Shari’s mom

Lara’s Aunt Doris

Yune’s mom

Channie’s mom


Flax’s sister

Holly Horton

Alice’s mom

Alex’s sister


Slate’s dad

Coach Don Womble

Shirley Kremkau


Margie Kaminsky

Deb’s mom

Tami’s mom

Linda’s mom

Sue’s friend

Eugenia’s dad

Pau Pau Yuen

Suzanne’s dad

Jim Scheiner

Gayla Caplan

Matt’s mom + dad

Chrissy’s mom

Anne, Jack + Jean

Berryl Box

Moira Ledda

Joe Clark

David Clement

Eileen Alter

Spider Jean

Aldana, V+K’s goddaughter

Danielle’s aunt

Cancer fighters, survivors, and victims all. With love and remembrance.


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